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Simone Levine has been working to make New Orleans safer and pushing for fairness in the criminal courts for over a decade. She has fought against crime and fought back against injustice. She is fighting for a criminal court where public safety and integrity are prioritized over who you know. She stands firm on crime and is fighting for a safer, better criminal court. Simone has devoted her professional life to ensuring victims are heard, and justice is delivered. Her experience as a survivor of childhood trauma has caused her to use a trauma-informed approach to bring equality and fairness to the criminal justice system. In 2011, Simone was promoted to become the Deputy Police Monitor in the New Orleans Office of the Independent Police Monitor. She has served the New Orleans public in her fight against corruption and for victim rights.

Simone Levine in New Orleans
Our value

Qualified and ready for leadership

As a violent crime survivor herself,  Simone Levine understands that justice must be survivor-focused and trauma-informed:


Listen to victims, allow them separate space in the courtroom as is required by the victim bill of rights, and encourage them to participate fully in court proceedings


Ensure that families are respected, and their wishes are heard


Focusing on providing true justice to the communities that are suffering the most. Victims and victim families get the justice which they need.

Simone Levine at court in New Orleans
Our Candidate

Simone Levine: for a safer New Orleans

Simone Levine has dedicated her career to bringing real justice to the communities most in need. Her experience as a child crime survivor has helped her develop a trauma-informed approach to creating equity and fairness in the criminal legal system.  In 2011, Simone became the Deputy Police Monitor in the New Orleans Office of the Independent Police Monitor.

Simone monitored NOPD use of force cases and worked with all major NOPD Police associations to vet internal police retaliation to build a more robust police department.

In 2015, Simone Levine began leading Court Watch NOLA, a group dedicated to monitoring criminal courts to ensure their service to the public is centered in justice. At Court Watch NOLA, she led a victim rights movement that ended the incarceration of rape crime and domestic violence victims for failure to testify and the use of DA phony subpoenas that traumatized victims of violent crime. 


Simone Levine: a fighter for us

A fresh face. A fresh leader. A fresh start.

The Orleans Parish District Attorney’s Office has entrusted Simone Levine with the prosecution of major cases. She has prosecuted countless murder, child rape, and attempted murder cases, bringing her victim-oriented approach and ethical application to some of the most serious cases in the court.

Simone Levine with her children
Our Concerns

Right Leader at the Right Time for the Right Reason

As a prosecutor, Simone Levine performs her duties in a manner that obtains justice for victim-survivors, ensures convicted criminals are appropriately punished, and that innocent people go free. 

Simone believes in equal justice under the law regardless of a person’s race, class, gender, sexual orientation, or political affiliation. Her record of prosecuting child rape and murder has prepared her for a role as Judge.

Simone has skin in the game when fighting for a safer, better, less corrupt New Orleans. As the Mom of two boys, Elan and Ezra, Simone will reduce recidivism and improve our criminal legal system to protect our families.


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